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Message from the President​


Bustan-e-Zahra is now fully open for live events majlises / lectures at Harrow Leisure Centre.


O my dearest community O My loving Shias in steadfastness Asalaamun Alaikum.


With the grace of Allah (the exalted) we are hosting a series of 11 lectures commemorating the heart rendering & soul fracturing sacrifice of the Prince of all Princes Imam Hussain (a.s.) & the lament of woe affecting the favourite Family of Allah (s.w.t.)


The Reverential Maulana Mukthar Abbas will recite the Urdu lectures, the Graceful Ghulamabbas Lakha will recite the English Lectures & the Prince of Azadari Safeer-e-Aza Syed Nadeem Sarwar will recite Soz/Salam & Nauhas.

Ziyarat Ashura will be read by the Soulful Qasim Kareemi & Ashura Amaals will be read by the Delightful Kanani Brothers. 


We are enamoured with pulsating excitement to be able to serve our long suffering community with beautiful majlises in the glorious love of the 14 Masoomeen (as)

We are ever so thankful to Allah (the magnificent) for being so kind to us so that (once again) we can enliven the affairs of the holy Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) openly & congregationally .

Ya Ali, Ya Hussain...

Yours sincerely,




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