15 May 2016 – 7 Shaban 1437

“With much aplomb he garnered ( in his early years ) a foothold in the arms of Shiasm and took his steps with humbleness, piety but most importantly without the nihilism of the corrosive divisiveness-but with the integrity of character that more than matched his penchant for the love of the Ahley-Bayt and justice for his community.
To cherish the nobility of MarhoomMustafa Mawjee is to admit the ongoing nostalgia for the unbridled love for the Ahley-Bayt and for an era when popular religious freedoms could champion the serene Shia ideals without the redoubtable fractured precepts often paraded.
We the Shias’ have been left a legacy by the strength of character by Marhoom that has been rarely witnessed in our community-to which we must dearly hold on too-lest it vanishes like a grain of sand in the desert.
Years will roll on and the vicissitude of time will lend itself to a harsh reality-but it always will be tempered by the sweet memory of wonderful man who (in his unblemished lectures) stood for the unabandoned glory of the Ahley-Bayt and for the betterment of his community.
Surah Fateha for Marhoom Mustafa Mawjee”

Mahmood Padhani, President Bustan-e-Zahra