Feroza Stone (Turquoise)

Feroza Stone

Feroza Stone (Turquoise)
Distinct in its greenish blue colour the turquoise stone is one of the oldest stones. It is also a tradition of the Prophet SAW to wear a tuquoise, and therefore thawab (blessings). It is a source of protection.

It wards off bad energies, and said that it can crack from it, in which case it should be removed and replaced with another turquoise.

The negative vibrations from a person are drawn out, and allowed to go back into the ground. It opens the heart chakra for giving and receiving, and it is=2 0said that one can overcome the evil eye from it.

The colour blue is from the copper in it, and the green is iron. It is found in USA, Mexico, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan and China. It is said to overcome poverty as well.

The Persian scholar Qazwini said “..the hand that wears a turquoise and seals it will never see poverty.”