Feroza Stone (Turquoise)

Feroza Stone (Turquoise) Distinct in its greenish blue colour the turquoise stone is one of the oldest stones. It is also a tradition of the Prophet SAW to wear a tuquoise, and therefore thawab (blessings). It is a source of protection. It wards off bad energies, and said that it can crack from it, [...]

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Aqeeq Stone (Carnelian)

Aqeeq Stone (Carnelian) If you were to walk along the streets of the Middle East, you would find many shops hosting an assortment of Aqeeq rings. Ranging in colours from reddish liver colour, to yellow, white, and black. The Prophet SAW wore a Yemeni aqeeq, which is dark reddish in colour. It is a [...]

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