Aqeeq Stone (Carnelian)

Aqeeq Stone

Aqeeq Stone (Carnelian)

If you were to walk along the streets of the Middle East, you would find many shops hosting an assortment of Aqeeq rings. Ranging in colours from reddish liver colour, to yellow, white, and black. The Prophet SAW wore a Yemeni aqeeq, which is dark reddish in colour. It is a tradition of the Prophet SAW to wear the stone hence it is ‘thawab’ (blessings) to do so.

It is called Carnelian in English and found abundantly throughout the world as well as in India which is reputed for developing the best gemstones. The Aqeeq stone was the first stone to declare the oneness of Allah SWT.

Prayers done wearing an Aqeeq carry more thawab. Amongst the signs of the believers is that he/she wear an Aqeeq ring on the right hand. All stones carry energy and to wear a ring on the ring finger is better, infact it is Makroo (inadvisable) to wear the20rings on index, middle fingers, or thumb.

The black Aqeeq is known for its properties to deflect bad energies or the evil eye. Amongst other properties of the stone are that it is good for heart, eyesight and for fertility. It is associated with the Spleen Chakra which is the body’s center for creativity, and emotional energies. It is said to be effective in clearing negative energies, give motivation, and redirection, and to bring harmonyy and balance to life. It also helps to keep oneself anchored and grounded. Carnelian is a form of chalcedony which is a microcrystaline form of Quartz.