The Charity’s objectives are:

  •  To uphold the teaching and spirit of Islam based on the doctrine of the Shia Ithna Ashari Faith.
  •  To serve the Shia community in particular and Muslims in general and to offer them help and support.
  •  To promote Unity amongst Muslims and the Wider Community.
  •  To provide Families with support within which children are supported in their faith and their duties as good citizens.

Lastly but most certainly, not leastly, Bustan E Zehra’s task is simply hitherto to familiarize our community with beautiful idealisms of Islamic excellence and the warm beauty of shiasm. It is in this vein that the Harrow Leisure centre (Bustan e Zehra) has been inaugurated as an Imambargah and subsequently blossomed.

The Harrow Leisure centre is a most beautiful edifice  that is a vast testimony to the beautiful legacy of the life and times of the fourteen masooomin. It is a five star Imambargah, with six star parking  and seven star reciters and is dedicated to the heartfelt love and affection we have for the Ahle-Bait.

We are very much aware, that currently, overcrowding and disabled facilities are serious issues and pose great problems for other centres. However, the Harrow Leisure centre addresses this problem magnificently with its bespoke hall of no less then 1300 square meters- the availability of 2000 chairs and ground floor access from car to the hall for the disabled.

At any given time 2000 momineen can sit in comfort for their programmes-it is very rare for an imambargah on this Earth to provide this level of comfort for their congregation. We thank the ALLAH  (swt) and the 14th masoomin abundantly for giving us the courage and the kindness of heart to serve our community with this ethos in mind.

We do our best to get the famous reciters for our future generations. Everyone who has a wish to be a part of the team is welcomed. Youngsters are always encouraged to participate especially when it comes to reciting.

Ladies and gents all have equal say (as far as Islam permits).

We hire Harrow Leisure centre that is shared by various communities and we have created excellent relations with the owners as a sign of peaceful co existence in the multicultural Britain we all live in. We have plenty of parking spaces and no double parking so people can be rest assured that they will be able to leave when they are ready.

Volunteers are always at hand to help especially the disabled and elderly guests of Allah SWT and fourteen Masoomeens. Every visitor that comes to a Majlis at the center is treated with great respect as we consider them to be guests of Allah SWT and all Aemma Masoomeen’s.